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Strengthen shopper relationships by having fun

Partnership Benefits

Incremental Trips & Spending

Dollars off anything, exclusively in your stores, and double digit sales increases

Increased Digital Reach & Engagement

Engages shoppers whenever & wherever, 4.6 times per week (on average)

Incremental Funds

Access to national advertising dollars

Campaign & Platform Support

Managed by a dedicated on-site employee

Low-risk, Cost-effective

No PII, software, or additional equipment

  • "Something like this would bring me back into brick and mortar stores more."
    Student, Amazon Enthusiast
  • "I would go out of my way (to another retailer) to spend the money (earned on the app)."
  • "I hadn't always shopped at Marsh but with this app and the weekly savings it offers, I will be shopping at Marsh regularly."
    Customer Support Specialist


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