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Value Your Voice

The Adjoy Engagement Engine was developed with you in mind — insightful, efficient, and easy-to-use. Campaign creation is a breeze, and the customized dashboard displays real-time analytics. You can make adjustments on-the-fly, so you always get the most out of your campaigns.

It's worth your time — and money — to get your conversations started.

Run a campaign on Dabbl today take advantage of special pricing valued at only 10¢ per engagement* ($0 cpm), which gets you …

  • Real people who engage with brands over 3 million times a month, and spend 18% more than those not on Dabbl
  • A live audience you can watch interact with your brand experiences in real time
  • An average of 23 seconds to effectively tell your story to engaged Dabblers

This is a limited time offer, and there's no risk to go in and check it out!

Partnership Benefits


Defining and implementing brand strategies is both an art and a science, with the gray area in between a breeding ground for opinion and conjecture. Almost always, the most important person—the consumer—isn't even in the room. That is until now. Adjoy puts rich, interactive engagement with the consumer at your fingertips, in minutes.


Sometimes a word, a phrase, an image is just right. You know it’s right from instinct, from experience, or because you feel it. This is the space—the space between logic and inspiration—where magic happens. Bring your inspiration to life on Adjoy in minutes, watch consumers respond to it in real time, and help your creative cross the chasm from vision to viewers the way you always imagined.


Live audiences create with the artist and the result is a one-of-a-kind, shared experience that leaves a lasting impression. Most ad campaigns are ignored, blocked, and hated. That's unfortunate, because it's more often the context rather than the content that is annoying.

Adjoy puts a live and listening audience at your fingertips, who not only wants to see what you've created, they want to make it a shared experience you'll both value.


It turns out that when a real human sincerely enjoys interacting with your message, your message does what you intended for it to do—it drives sales.

  • "The ads were fun, cute…and I like that I can choose the brands I want to hear from."
    maria S.
    Working Mother of Two
  • "Watching the ads, especially Oreos, I think, which kind do I want? So now, I’m craving Oreos."
    dan h.
    Architect, Husband
  • "I’d do this instead of wasting hours on Candy Crush!"
    kim W.
    Working Grandmother

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