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Closer to your consumer than you've ever been before

Value Your Voice

The Adjoy Engagement Engine was developed with you in mind — insightful, efficient, and easy-to-use. Campaign creation is a breeze, and the customized dashboard displays real-time analytics. You can make adjustments on-the-fly, so you always get the most out of your campaigns.

It's worth your time — and money — to get your conversations started.

Run a campaign on Dabbl today take advantage of special pricing valued at only 10¢ per engagement* ($0 cpm), which gets you …

  • Real people who engage with brands over 3 million times a month, and spend 18% more than those not on Dabbl
  • A live audience you can watch interact with your brand experiences in real time
  • An average of 23 seconds to effectively tell your story to engaged Dabblers

This is a limited time offer, and there's no risk to go in and check it out!

Partnership Benefits


As few as 8% of digital impressions are ever seen by a real person, and that is if you count 50% of an image, visible for less than 2 seconds—or 5 seconds of a 15 second video—as "seen".

The reality is, unseen (or barely seen) ads cannot create consumer interest and demand, it doesn't matter how good or relevant your message is.

We use multi-factor authentication to make sure our consumers are real, but you'll know it without us telling you—when you watch them interacting with your content, in real time.


You spend countless hours thinking about how to make your experience better and better for consumers. Consumers love discovering your products, exploring new uses if it's already a favorite, and imagining future (or remembering past) experiences featuring your product.

You've got a lot to talk about with your consumer, and Adjoy is the best place to have an authentic exchange of insight, ideas, and maybe even some joy and delight.


Historically, consumer choice has never been a factor in whether or not or how your message was delivered. It certainly is now, and this is a good thing. Consumer's don't hate ads, they hate interruption, they hate overwhelm, they hate all the noise.

Adjoy consumers spend, on average, 23 seconds interacting with your campaign. And while that is happening, your campaign takes over their whole screen—no matter where they see it or on what device. It's a lovely, enjoyable experience—for you and for your consumer.


It turns out that when a real human sincerely enjoys interacting with your message, your message does what you intended for it to do—it drives sales.

  • "The ads were fun, cute…and I like that I can choose the brands I want to hear from."
    maria S.
    Working Mother of Two
  • "Watching the ads, especially Oreos, I think, which kind do I want? So now, I’m craving Oreos."
    dan h.
    Architect, Husband
  • "I’d do this instead of wasting hours on Candy Crush!"
    kim W.
    Working Grandmother

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