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Archive: June 2017

Facebook Viewability
Adjoy Opinion
On Facebook's Low Video Ad Viewability Rates

Agencies are stunned at what they consider to be Facebook's low video ad viewability rates of 20 to 30 percent. Facebook says "the value of an ad is not binary". Adjoy says, unseen ads can't work - and two seconds is not enough to count as "seen".

Confused Woman
Sign of the Times
It’s 2017 and you still don’t know where your ads are running

Some take brand safety for granted. The industry has become complacent and focused on tech advances to the detriment of transparency. In fact, the pendulum swung so far in the direction of automation that advertisers started losing control of their brands.

Lightning Bolts
Sign of the Times
The digital advertising doomsday clock

Apple announced at its annual developer conference that a forthcoming desktop version of its Safari browser will block the annoying autoplay ads that appear on many Web pages or before online videos.