Trust is earned. Loyalty is the result.

Is your digital media strategy building consumer relationships, or creating frustration?

Adjoy works to connect consumers with their favorite brands through their preferred retailer loyalty platform to build lasting relationships.

Letting go of legacy media tactics.

As a brand, do you ever wonder where your digital media dollar expenditure is truly going? Have you asked yourself, “How meaningful is a page view or an ad impression? Are click through rates true barometers for effective consumer engagement? Or are they merely in-process measures designed to justify brand spend and convey a false sense of efficiency?”

Answering these tough questions no longer becomes necessary with Adjoy’s unique media delivery network. We connect brands directly to engaged consumers within a retailer loyalty network, giving you direct access to interact with consumers through their most preferred method of communication – their mobile devices. Your brand message is delivered with clarity and contextual relevance to a highly qualified audience that  wants to hear from you.

Customizable campaigns you can measure.

Adjoy gives you behavioral and transactional data directly attributable to the consumers you’re engaging, so you can intelligently and continuously improve your interactions with those same consumers, driving qualified trial and long-term loyalty.

How can you participate?

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Drive digital success with unique shopper experiences & unconditional value.

Your loyal customers shop you first and most frequently, and they would spend more in your stores if they could buy more. Nearly every pricing and promotion strategy in retail has the objective of increasing your customer’s buying power in your stores – whether it’s everyday low pricing, temporary price reductions, or coupons. At the same time, pressure to compete for share of wallet has expanded to share of mobile and digital engagement as new, purely digital competitors enter the landscape.

Are you giving your loyal customers enough value to keep them out of your competitor’s stores?

Becoming a part of the Adjoy’s mobile ad network will drive incremental, unconditional value to your customer’s wallet, for use only in your stores – enhancing, not competing, with your existing value sources. Our mobile customer experience is refreshingly fun, encouraging more customers to engage with you more frequently, and shop in your stores ore often.

How can you participate?

Please fill out the short contact form below or email us at to schedule some time with our team to learn more.

It’s all about choice & transparency.

Consumers may love your brand, or they may have never heard of you. But what they all have in common is both the desire and the power to decide how, when and where they are going to engage with your brand. Today’s reality is a tough pill to swallow. Mass media is a thing of the past, which means the way brands used to be built must also change. Adjoy believes this is an incredible opportunity to shift focus from impressions to relationships, from building links to building trust. You can create loyalty. And we know just how you can do it!

Making it a fun & rewarding experience.

The Adjoy user experience provides consumers with the value they’re looking for based on the time they choose to spend learning about your brand. That value is based not just an actual currency, but also on the experience itself. We make advertising fun for consumers in a way that’s never been done before.

Ensuring that everybody wins.

At Adjoy, we believe that a consumer’s loyalty is something to be earned, valued, and respected. Our solution insures that brands can develop authentic relationships with their consumers which creates mutual benefit for all parties. And the by-product of those connections is subsequently translated into real value for retailers and their shoppers. Everybody trusts. Everybody shares. Everybody wins.

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